Yamaha YHT-693BL Home Theater System Review-Potent Value

It’s an interesting thing we’re looking at today–a couple weeks back we took a look at the Yamaha YHT-693BL home theater system, but today we’re getting a look at its predecessor, the Yamaha YHT-593BL. We liked the YHT-693BL, but found it a bit pricey for what you got. The YHT-593BL offers some better pricing, but will it still have the quality?  Let’s have a look.

The Yamaha YHT-593BL is a 5.1 channel five hundred twenty five watt home theater system that includes four satellite speakers, center channel speaker, a subwoofer, and an iPod dock. You’ll also get Bluetooth functionality, YPAO sound optimization (it’ll help with the setup of your speakers automatically), an RX-V467 receiver with HDMI ports and the capability to get your video and audio working with 3D function when supplemented by the right peripherals, the so-called “scene” buttons that change settings according to what media is being played (some scene features include Blu-ray or DVD watching, action game playing or iPod listening), Cinema DSP playback capability, and adaptive DRC.

Lots of features in here, and the sound quality is slightly lower than the 693, but within the ballpark. In fact, I would at least tentatively call it a better value than its larger cousin. The sound quality is naturally good and there are plenty of connections for your hardware on the receiver, so you likely won’t need to worry about running out there any time soon.

Even better, the folks out at Amazon want $469.19 for one of these, which is a pretty good price and represents a hundred bucks off the larger version.

It’s an impressive piece, no mistake there, and you should be able to get plenty of value out of the Yamaha YHT-593BL.