Yamaha RX-V665BL Receiver

Yamaha unveils another potential audio receiver in the RX-V665BL which offers more features than previous models. The only downside is perhaps that it offers poor video upconversion quality, and doesn’t let you assign digital-audio inputs.

The RX-V665BL has the typical boxy look of an AV receiver, but is a little shorter than most, coming in at 17.2 inches wide by 6 inches high and 14.3 inches deep. The front panel features a large volume knob and a few additional front-panel controls, but otherwise it’s relatively sparse compared with some competing models.

The LCD display is a bluish white, compared with the orange of last year’s RX-V663, which we preferred and found a little easier to read from far away. When you pull the RX-V665BL out of the box, you’ll notice that it’s significantly lighter than the RX-V663, coming in at only 18.7 pounds.

Price: $499.99

(Source) Cnet