Yamaha RX V565 Receiver Review – How Very Similar

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

That’s from, as best I can tell, French novelist Alphonse Karr way back in the eighteen hundreds.  But it actually fits very well into today’s review of a Yamaha receiver, the Yamaha RX V565.

The Yamaha RX V565 is a seven channel surround sound receiver with analog video up-conversion to component video, Bluetooth music streaming capability, iPod connectivity, Direct Mode, seventeen different DSP programs with Adaptive DSP Level, audio delay (to adjust lip-sync; if you’ve ever seen a movie where the soundtrack’s slightly off this takes care of that, two component video inputs and one output.

Now, on the surface, the RX V565 looks a LOT like the 365 and 665.  This really should be expected as the 565 is just an intermediary between the two.  But the 565 has some advantages and some disadvantages over either other model.  But the key takeaway here is that it offers some incredible utility and at a decent price–three hundred thirty bucks if you’re willing to buy refurbished from Amazon.

Thusly, the Yamaha RX V565 is a pretty solid system, and though it looks a lot like the others in the line, it’s got plenty of features to set it apart.