Yamaha RX V365 Receiver Review-Bargain Basement Receiver

The Yamaha line of receivers has generally given me a lot of reason to be happy.  They come with plenty of excellent options and lots of capability, offering plenty of value.  And the Yamaha RX V365 will be no different, but for different reasons.

The Yamaha RX V365 is a five channel surround sound system with two HDMI inputs and one HDMI output,  iPod and Bluetooth audio compatibility, Compressed Music Enhancer, and CINEMA DSP.

Now there’s two ways to look at value.  One, you can look at it as having a lot of features for the price, or, you can look at it as having a really low price and getting only the basics in return.  As you can see, the Yamaha RX V365 fits into that second category easily.  Sure, it’s not offering a whole lot of features, but what it is offering is a receiver that’s got decent surround sound (five channel is NOT bad, folks) and will do it for about two hundred and thirty bucks on Amazon.

Value, definitely.  If you don’t mind a lack of features and don’t have a lot of wallet space, then the Yamaha RX V365 should serve your needs just fine.