Yamaha ns- p236



If you’re looking to add basic surround sound for movies, television, etc. these speakers offer an inexpensive, all-inclusive way to do so. They won’t blow you away, but they won’t blow your bank account either.

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Yamaha NS- P236

If you’re looking to add basic surround sound this is a quick, inexpensive set-up.

The Yamaha NS- P236 is a very basic, simplistic surround sound set-up offering 5 small speakers (2 fronts, 3 rears), a center channel speaker and a subwoofer, all in one big package. For me, the set was an introduction to the world of audio. The term surround sound was burning a hole in my pocket and I wanted to get hooked up right away. Retailing at $200, this set offered just the opportunity that I was looking for— adding surround capability to my living room without a significant financial set back.

First note on these speakers—take the two “fronts”, put them in your closet and save them for a day that you need back ups. The 5 speakers included in this package are quite small, resembling a computer speaker. While this might work for rear speakers, I couldn’t even imagine trying to use a pair to anchor the front of your system. Unless you are extremely forgiving and unselective in your audio preferences, I would definitely say that you should invest in a bigger, more powerful set of fronts.

That caveat aside, these speakers offer a very justifiable sound given the price. They’re essentially well-suited for giving some rear channel sound to your system. Don’t expect to be blown away with vivid reconstruction, but if you’re simply looking for a little sound being fired at the back of your dome, you’ll be satisfied.

The center speaker of this array is a decent size and provides ample quality for dialogue reconstruction, although it was a little bit difficult to hear for my ears. If you take my advice on using a better set of fronts, the center may be the next thing to be disposed of, however, depending upon how drastic of a difference there is between the L/R and center channel sound. For the price, though, I think the center channel was more than sufficient.

One thing that I really liked about this system is the subwoofer. Perhaps, my audio snobbery doesn’t quite extend to the low end of the audible spectrum, but I found the subwoofer to be an excellent addition to my stereo. Even as I’ve continued to replace the other speakers in this package with more expensive, higher quality counterparts I have kept the subwoofer in place. It is adjustable, allowing you to add more bass when desired, and it does its job by enriching low frequency output. Some might complain it’s on the punchy side, but seeing how inexpensive it is, I would not make such a complaint. Given the limited scope of a subwoofer, I think the Yamaha provides significant enhancement of music and movies alike.

If you’re a seasoned audiophile, you probably won’t be considering the Yamaha NP236 package anytime soon. In fact, you’re not even going to be reading this review, so I’ll just move on. If you’re relatively undiscerning or are looking for an inexpensive introduction to surround sound, these speakers are a great way to go. All you’ll need is a receiver and you’ll be watching movies and sports in full surround, with some nice bass. The set even comes equipped with a ton of basic, low-grade speaker cable, so connecting them couldn’t be easier.

The set is also well-suited for someone like myself who’s first love is listening to music in stereo and for whom surround is an afterthought. Even the small speakers perform well enough for movies and TV, and the subwoofer is enjoyable all around; replace the fronts and center and you have yourself a nice entertainment system—and with the money you’ll save on these inexpensive components you can focus on some nicer fronts and center.

Technical Info:

Package: 6.1 channel speaker system

Wide range system frequency response: 30-25,000Hz

Magnetic shielding: On all speakers allows placement near TV

PriceL $199

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Inexpensive set of surrounds, offering everything you need for quick, easy surround sound. Subwoofer is quite effective for the price.

You get what you pay for— a simplistic set of speakers that will by no means blow you away.