Yamaha ns-iw760 2-way speaker



This speaker sounds good whether used for home theater reasons or just to listen to music. The only downside to it is that it is a little on the long side. If they could just make this speaker smaller it would suit most people much better.

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Enjoyable Sound From The Yamaha NS-IW760 2-Way Speaker

This Yamaha speaker is too long for easy installation. The sound however from this speaker is very rich and clear which is a definite plus in its favor. If only it was smaller I would recommend it more highly.

I am always happy when I find speakers that mount flush to the wall or ceiling. I love the whole idea of having speakers that blend right in and take up no space whatsoever and that is what you get from the Yamaha NS-IW760 2-way speaker. I also liked the fact that it can be installed either horizontally or vertically, the sound is great both ways. I appreciate this kind of versatility, it is important with some room designs.
Keep in mind that when you buy the Yamaha NS-IW760 2-way speaker you are only buying one, these are not sold as a pair. I think this is great, especially since with this type of speaker often you need only one to make the difference. Perhaps you like to listen to music while you have a soothing hot bath. One of these speakers is more than enough for a room that size, two would have too much sound bouncing off of the walls.

The sound that the Yamaha NS-IW760 2-way speaker is able to produce is very good. It is open and clear and to be honest easily compares to some of the higher end brands like Klipsch. That was a very nice surprise. The lows were deep like they should be and the mids and highs has just the right amount of power and clarity, I was very impressed.

The biggest problem with this Yamaha speaker is the size. It is on the long side at over 23 inches. This can make it a little hard to install, especially for those like me who have too many thumbs and no coordination at all. So I found them to be a little cumbersome in this respect and the wall clamps were a little hard to deal with as well. These tend to be hard to engage which is quite the pain in the butt. I was also extremely disappointed when I saw that the wire connections had cheap nuts that were made out of plastic. These should have been better quality nuts.

There were definitely some problems with the Yamaha NS-IW760 2-way speaker but none of these had to do with sound reproduction. The speaker is a good one for any use, all you have to do is get it installed.

Technical Info:

Type: 2-way in-wall

Frequency response: 50Hz – 24kHz

Crossover frequency: 6,500Hz

Speaker size: Dual 6-1/2" woofers, 1" tweeter

Input power: 120w max/40w nominal

Sensitivity: 88dB/2.83v/1m

Impedance: 6 ohms

Features: Paintable grille with protective cover

Width: 23-7/16"

Height: 7-11/16"

Depth: 3"

Weight: 5.1 lbs

MSRP: $120

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