Yamaha NS-F700 and NS-B750 Speakers

Yamaha NS-F700

If you are looking for a power-packed performance of your audio system, this latest dose on the Yamaha NS-F700 and NS-B750 Speakers could be helpful to you. The NS-F700 floor type High-end speakers give you an amazing audio playback with a dash of style and class; whereas the NS-B750 upscale speaker set lets you enjoy all music genres bundled in bookshelf design.

You can actually realize a wide range audio playback at an incredibly high volume with the NS-F700, thus letting up your neighbors enjoy your favorite playlist as much as you do. The former sound-style combination uses optimal technology and a high rigid cabinet, which allows you to control the acoustic abilities of sound efficiently.

The bookshelf sound virus also accommodates high sound technology and good cabinet strength packed in a refreshingly compact and chic design. While you can own the NS-F700 model in 74,500 Yen, the other model will cost you 42,500 yen.

Via: Yamaha