Yamaha Installation Series Speakers

Yamaha by introducing its new Installation Series Speakers is trying to make a revolutionary change in the live sound applications, including permanent installations. The greatest advantage of this series of speakers is that you can mix and match speakers to suit any system and venue. Users will undoubtedly be contented with the superb sonic quality of the speakers. The main aim of Yamaha behind the release of this series of speakers is to deliver the best sonic performance anywhere, at any price, from system input to output.

A few features of the Yamaha Installation Series Speakers are:

A range of standard U-bracket and array-frame hardware available for maximum installation convenience and efficiency

A wide selection of dispersion characteristics for long-range, short-range and long/short-range use

Ideal for small to medium-scale installations

Models include 3-way, 2-way, large, small, high-power, medium-power and other variations.

Switchable single-amp and bi-amp drive modes

Uniform phase response throughout the entire series

The Cabinets, Horns, Networks, Drivers, Grille & Logo, Connectors & Mode Selectors, Pole Mount Sockets & Handles, Rigging and Shape of this series of speakers is so beautifully and systematically arranged that it makes each speaker special. All these speakers are available with certain specifications and are capable of delivering superb sound effect.

Available models:







IF2208 (W)

IF2108 (W)

IF2205 (W)




IS1112 (W)


IS1118 (W)


Via: Yamaha