Yamaha DSP AV amplifier Series


Yamaha has recently rolled out three all new models in the DSP AV amplifier Series. Equipped with HDMI ver.1.3a terminal the amplifier models are able to upscale 1080p video. Yamaha DSP AV DSP-AX863 is a 7.1ch amplifier while DSP-AX763 offers 5.1 ch output. The DSP-AX463 DSP AV amplifier uses Bluetooth to deliver wireless music playback.

The amplifiers support HD audio format of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD master audio etc. Yamaha DSP AV amplifier DSP-AX863 in black will retail at 110,250 Yen while DSP AV amplifier DSP-AX763 in (N) Gold or (B) Black will be available at a price of 84,000 Yen. The DSP-AX463 in (N) Gold or (S) Silver is priced at 59,850 Yen.

You can also purchase Audio receiver YBA-10 in (W) White at SRP of 18,480 Yen or a Universal dry dock YDS-11 for iPod in (S) Silver at 10,500 Yen. All the receivers along with audio receiver will be available Late April while the Universal Dry Dock will be available in June mid.

Via: Yamaha