Yahoos Widgets Soon Available in HDTVs

Yahoo’s Widgets will soon be available in HDTVs from Sony, LG, Samsung and Vizio. Many of you may already depend on services like Yahoo’s News, Weather and Finance, but there will also be Widgets for MySpace, eBay, Twitter, Amazon, The New York Times and USA Today, to name a few. These widgets can be scrolled along the bottom of the screen.

Opening one deploys a vertical rectangle at left while resizing the video image at right so you don’t miss anything in the program you are watching at the same time. There is also a full-screen mode that ought to work well for video services. The TV remote controls everything and includes a dedicated button (with the Yahoo logo in some cases) that places you into widget mode. This is part of a wave of internet-enabled features now entering into higher-end TVs, and will most likely alter our TV viewing habits.