Xilinx Released Red Bridge III HD Video I/O Card

Dayang Technologies has announced the release of their latest product, the new Red Bridge III HD Video I/O Card. This product comes enabled by the DSP-optimized Xilinx Virtex-05 SXT family of programmable devices. The highly integrated solution powers China’s first high definition (HD) video processing and I/O card and provides PCI Express connectivity, high-speed GTP transceivers and integrated DSP slices to create a robust video card for HD and standard definition (SD) video.

The RedBridge III Video Card is aimed at applications such as Non-Linear Editing (NLEs), broadcast graphics and ingest servers, and features a PCI Express bus supporting SDI and HD-SDI with up to 2 inputs and 4 outputs. The card offers international video standards support and includes a 16-bit on board mixer with 0 frame delay.

“We needed a cost-effective but powerful single chip solution to enable the capabilities required by this very demanding market. The Virtex-05 FPGA-based solution provided an ideal platform for us to integrate critical connectivity and processing capabilities, including DSP functions. The ease of development helped expedite our development process such that we are now the first Chinese supplier of an HD video card to our market,” said Mr. Deng Wei, vice president of Dayang.

(Source) Press