Xbox 360 mod put in this R2 unit

This certainly is one of the most interesting Xbox 360 mods that I have seen, in the shape of everyone’s favorite astromech droid. This assumes that your favorite astromech droid is R2D2 and not something else.

Not only can it play Xbox 360 games, but it has a projector. Granted, it doesn’t do projections of Princess Leia, but it does 15 to 50 inch projections.

Inside this R2-D2 mod is a speaker inside the dome, touch-sensitive projector buttons, HDMI port, optical audio out, as well as a lot of blue LED lights to really complete the Star Wars illusion.

I am surprised that the guy who designed the Star Wars home theater didn’t have one of these R2D2 Xbox 360 mods. Of course, this is just a private creation and I’m guessing that it is not for sale. I don’t see why it couldn’t be mass-produced, as I am sure there are rich Star Wars fans that would pay thousands for one of these.