Xantech XTC Speakers

Xantech unveiled their treasure of latest line-up of Speakers that deliver ecstasy of exceptional sound. Users can fine tune every speaker to get an ultimate sound performance. Innovation, highest quality and satisfied customers are other goals of Xantech besides delivering the highest quality output.

Xantech’s latest line-up includes XTC Reference Series Speakers, XTC Series Speakers and XC Series Speakers. In total the company has released 16 speakers. All the speakers are offered in three distinct model ranges. All the speakers are designed for a consumer who wants fidelity, clarity and balance.

.XTC Reference Series Speakers

This Series feature a swivelling dome tweeter of Titanium that allows pure piston motion all around the frequency spectrum of the system. Due to the rear acoustic damping and positive rubber surround you get pure sound without distortion.

.XTC Series Speakers

Featuring Xantech Tonal Control technology, the speakers deliver sound that fill up your room. The XTC Series have a pivoting Teteron dome tweeter constructed with advanced neodymium magnet, fluid-cooled and rear acoustic damping. A high-density MDF wood baffle is provided in the Speakers to reduce in-wall vibrations and resonance.

.XC Series Speakers

The XC Series Speakers are stiff and light in weight. They feature mineral-filled polypropylene woofer cones for seamless frequency extension. The Aluminum woofer voice coils increase the power handling capacity and feature long-term durability.

Via: Prnewswire Press