X-arm Robotic Motorized Mount for HDTVs

. For optimized entertainment, CLO Systems has come up with the innovative X-arm (X700CB) robotic motorized wall mount for HDTVs. This wall mount will let you twist and bend your TV the way you like it. Thanks to this wall-mount, now you can comfortably lie on the recliner and watch your favorite program without straining your neck.

The TV wall mount will also allow you to preset two favorite positions that you can program with a remote control. Your TV will automatically rotate to the setting when you turn it on and when turned off, it will return to flush with the wall. The X-arm is capable of accommodating screen weights of up to 180 pounds and plasma or LCD flat panel TVs from 40 to 63-inch sizes.

The X-arm is already available from CLO dealers nationwide. Visit the CLO Systems website if you want to know more or want to watch a video of the X-arm in action.