World’s Smallest Marine Satellite TV Antenna Systems

Recently, Intellian Technologies U.S.A., unveiled World’s Smallest Marine Satellite TV Antenna Systems. The two new systems launched are Intellian i1 and Intellian i2. These systems have been designed to bring ultra stabilized and highly mobile satellite television reception to a wider range.

Intellian i1 is an 11” dish and compact antenna system. It provides big-boat entertainment options for vessels as small as 25” LOA. It offers boaters with user-friendly advantages in a cost effective way. On the other hand, Intellian i2 is an even smaller marine satellite TV system with a 13: antenna. It is capable of delivering nationwide satellite reception and High Definition. It comes with an in-built Multi-satellite Interface Module.

Both these systems incorporate sophisticated features. The new Intellian i1 and i2 Antenna Systems will be available in fall 2008 through the company’s network of marine electronics dealers and installers.