Worlds First Video Massage Chair

worlds-first-video-massage-chair.jpgVideo Massage Chairs (VMC) recently unveiled World’s First Video Massage Chair for Businesses and Consumers at PCBC.

The latest Video Massage Chair bears the traditional ergonomic massage chair design. Added to it is the contemporary entertainment element. Now the customers can watch flat screen television monitor while receiving a massage from a professional masseuse.

Exploit yourself and feel extreme pleasure now with spice of fun. Not only can the customers view tailored video, they can also hear (via headphones optional) while receiving a massage.

You can purchase the Video Massage Chairs by placing orders at VMC’s web site Video Massage Chairs are shipped within a custom box, containing a setup manual and return delivery instructions.

“Reading in-store advertisements, attending a tradeshow or standing and listening to salesmen brag about a particular service or product are old school sales methods that VMC hopes to reinvent by offering a new sales and advertising medium with the introduction of the first Video Massage Chair,” said Robert Baschnagel III, president and CEO of Video Massage Chairs. “Companies of all sizes that want to retain and persuade customers now have a practical, yet entertaining opportunity to improve sales and distribute timely information to their customers with the new Video Massage Chairs.”

Via: Prnewswire