Worlds biggest 8K television revealed: the Panasonic 145-inch 8K television.

Panasonic has unveiled world’s biggest 8K television set: the 145-inch Super Hi-Vision plasma TV that supports a resolution of a stunning 7,680 x 4,320 pixels. The 8K television is made in cooperation between Panasonic and Japanese broadcaster NHK, Japan’s national public broadcasting organization. NHK is already testing 4K broadcasting in the country, which was made for another of Panasonic’s TV’s. the 105-inch 4K TV. However, it has only one fourth the resolution of the new 8K television.

The Panasonic 8K television has a 16 times greater resolution than 1080p HD – and only a few broadcasters in the world can even stream 1080p. According to NHK, it’s gonna take about 10 years before regular programming is streamed in 8K in Japan, and about 7-08 years for 4K. The amount of bandwidth required to stream 8K is astonishing: nothing less than 100 MB/S fiber optic connection will do. So for now, 8K televisions, while a reality, will still have to wait a decade until we have the bandwidth, not to mention 8K cameras, to provide 8K content to consumers.