Wireless DiNovo Edge Keyboard for Macs


Now the customers will be pleased to view the latest Logitech’s wireless DiNovo keyboard that comes with the multimedia keys, perfect stroke keys and a touchpad for the comfort of the users. The DiNovo has a power button to switch off the Mac by remote. It has Bluetooth™ technology that allows the users to share the documents to other compatible devices wirelessly.

"We’re truly delighted to offer discerning Mac enthusiasts our highest quality in keyboard design and performance," said Denis Pavillard, vice president of product marketing for Logitech’s keyboards and desktops. "From the piano-black finish to its built-in TouchDisc(TM) touch pad, the diNovo Edge can make it a pleasure for you to type, control music or launch your favorite applications."

The DiNovo keyboard is slim in looks with semi-translucent Plexiglas frame, jagged angles and soft backlights. The users can have an access to their mail, Safari(TM), and iTuners including a lot more applications. The touchdisc feature enables you to set your document horizontally or vertically as per your choice.

The keyboard is good for typing, as it comes with the Logitech perfectstroke key system that can create lengthy key travel fro 3.2 in comparison to 2.2mm. You can work with the keys with comfort and you only need to charge the battery only for 10 min a day.

The Logitech DiNovo edge keyboard is expected to reach the market by August at $159.99 and the customers can avail of the keyboard for a better experience.