Windows 8

Windows 8 DVD playback is a no-no

Microsoft has removed Windows 8 DVD playback from the upcoming operating system. Windows 8, which is scheduled for release in October 2012, has removed the ability to play DVDs from the Windows Media Center. Windows 8 DVD playback will have to be done by third party software, like the free VLD player or others. Microsoft argues the lack of Windows 8 DVD playback is simply because many don’t play DVDs on their PCs anymore. Instead, Microsoft will focus on newer technologies such as H264 and other modern video formats. But the biggest reason is that Microsoft likely saves a few dollars in licensing costs by not providing DVD playback out of the box. It’s not a big deal, but those considering using Windows 8 for home theater setups will need some sort of workaround from Microsoft. The company has said that Windows 8 DVD playback might be included in some of the versions of the software, most likely the home theater specific version. We’ll have to wait and see how this pans out, and if considers really don’t use PCs to play DVDs as much as Microsoft thinks.