Winchester Systems FlashDisk SX-3498S

.Winchester Systems Inc., a pioneer of data storage solutions, has come up with new SATA FlashDisk SX-3498S disk array with the capacity of expanding to 80 TB with 1 TB disk drives. This 80 TB of storage of this product help using a base unit that includes a single RAID controller and 16 high capacity disks.

This product also gives four 4 Gb Fiber Channel host ports for providing “SAN-In-A-Box” connectivity to as many as four servers without the need for a Fibre Channel switch and this dual redundant controller version offers up to three expansion shelves with a total of 64 high capacity SATA disk drives for up to 64 TB of total capacity and eight 4 Gb Fiber Channel host ports. The FlashDisk SX-3498S is the greatest crowd puller for its highest capacity applications incorporating deep archives, security video, medical imaging, backup, snapshot, disaster recovery, virtual tape library, data acquisition, digital imaging and audio etc. The proposed market price of FlashDisk SX-3498R model starts at under $20,000.