Win a 19″ LCD Monitor at WOW leveling contest

.Thinking of getting a better TV? Here is your chance to win a 19-inch LCD monitor at Almost Gaming. Challenging World of Warcraft players to level from 1-10 as quickly as possible Almost Gaming will award the winners with a new 19″ LCD monitor, a Logitech Gaming Keyboard and Mouse, and a 60 day World of Warcraft Game Card for the 3 fastest levelers in each faction and other prizes. What contestants need to do is demonstrate their wow leveling skills and reach level 10 in the shortest amount of time possible finally submitting proof for a chance to win. Contest is open till June 30 2007.

“The real challenge is that players are being asked to master a part of game they probably haven’t looked at critically before. For example, Joana (Horde) and Brian Kopp (Alliance) have mastered wow leveling routes from 1-70, but few have spent a lot of time from 1-10. Their steps can be used as a starting point but should still be optimized for reaching level 10 quicker.” says James Smith, author at Almost Gaming. “I’ve leveled to 10 in less than 1:50 while racing to 20, it should be interesting to see what types of strategies people come up with and what classes they use to beat that time.”

Via: Prweb