Wilson Audio Sasha WP Speaker Systems

Here is something that can surely place your audio setup to the next level. The product is the this new Wilson Audio Sasha WP speaker system. The high-end speaker manufacturer has launched successive versions of the WATT/Puppy for over 20 years, but instead of resting on its past glory, Wilson Audio has decided to impress the audiophiles with a radical re-imagination of the company’s signature WATT/Puppy concept (the picture featured here is based on the Alexandria speakers).

The Wilson Sasha WP is reportedly designed to be a full-range speaker in a two piece chassis that fits in Wilson’s lofty line of speakers closer to the legendary WATT Puppy Version 8, but in a new form. The new model will inherit the technology from the $65,000 Wilson MAXX3 speaker system, updated industrial design, midrange drivers from the top of the line Wilson Alexandria and more.

The cabinet is made of 30% quieter substance. Sasha WP will also boast incredible finishes and high-end craftsmanship known to Wilson audio gadgetry. The new speakers are scheduled for a launch on May 15 for a $20K price tag.

(Source) Bornrich