Wilson Audio Maxx Series 3 Speaker System


Wilson Audio Maxx Series 3

Wilson Audio has come out with its new Maxx Series 3 speaker system, also called the MAXX Cubed. It is as simple to set up and place in a room as its predecessor, the Maxx Series 2. Wilson Audio created the Series 3 to improve MAXX’s time-domain performance. For that, Wilson’s design team divided the single upper module into two separate units and used Aspherical Propagation Delay and they also enclosed a new midrange driver.

A unique mix of proprietary cellulose fibers was chosen to address the design challenge of an extremely rigid but low moving mass cone. One of the dramatic elements of the MAXX Series 3 is the mechanical and electrical isolation of the crossovers. The midrange crossover has been relocated to the bass cabinet, thus freeing up space for it and the tweeter crossover. The Wilson Audio MAXX Series 3 loudspeakers will sell for around $68,000 US.