Will YouTube Find Movie Streaming Success In The Underserved?

Let’s face it, folks, it’s hard to get your hands on anime.  It always has been and it’s not likely to get any easier.  Sure, there are some moves toward making it easier, but getting Japanese cartoons isn’t a simple process even now.  Nor is it all that simple to find educational videos or movies on health topics.  The audiences in question are too small and too fragmented to make much value on it.

But here’s the interesting part–what if this is where YouTube comes in?

We all know that YouTube’s audience is huge, and has massively eclectic tastes.  What if this is where YouTube can get its monetization going?  If YouTube offers the stuff that no one else wants to handle, they stand to gain the entire audience FROM said stuff.

You may not know about this, but anime purveyor Funimation has been systematically uploading episodes of all its properties for months.  Advertisements start each episode, so chances are they’re getting cash from that.  This may well mark the beginning of a whole new paradigm in streaming.