Why Doesnt Netflix Buy Miramax?

Okay, I just picked up some data a couple days ago that said, essentially, Miramax was closed and owner Disney was looking to sell it off.  There was only one credible buyer at this point, and that was Twilight pusher Summit Entertainment.

This in turn got me to thinking…Disney wants seven hundred million bucks for the Miramax name and its accompanying library of seven hundred titles.  If Netflix owned the right to those titles, they would have a serious competitive edge on their hands.

Look, Miramax has a lot of titles that still have plenty of legs in terms of viewership: Clerks.  Pulp Fiction.  Chicago.  Kill Bill.  And Netflix, in turn, could either lease the rights out, or become the ONLY PLACE ON THE WEB to (legally) stream the entire Miramax library.

Now, I don’t know about you, but being the only place on the web to do something definitely strikes me as a big competitive advantage.  So why isn’t Netflix making a push on Miramax?