What to do if youre not crazy about 3D and want 2D

I know that not everyone is as crazy about 3D as Hollywood blockbusters would have you think. In fact, some people don’t want it at all and would prefer 2D or it hurts their eyes.

Especially if it is for a movie that was not shot in 3D like Avatar, but just converted to 3D like Clash of the Titans and Alice in Wonderland.

If you are one of those types, then you might be interested in this trick. It involves using two sets of 3D glasses, and then popping out the lenses and rearranging them.

I’m told this works for the movie theater, but I’d like to try it out on a home theater. You might as well please the guy that complains about how 3D hurts his eyes and its not good at home. Leave a comment if the trick the boys are describing in the video works at home.