Westinghouse TX-42F430S and PT-16H610S LCD HDTV

Westinghouse digital, one of the major players in the world of electronics has come out with two new LCD HDTV products, the TX-42F430S and the PT-16H610S. With this, Westinghouse has aimed at being a house hold name all over. Designed and marketed in such a way so as to suit every sphere and atmosphere of a house hold, these two models are sure to become popular in a very short time. Both these models, TX-42F430S and PT-16H610S have unique specifications and features.

The model TX-42F430S is suitable to be mounted on the wall or on a stand in the living room. It features-

• 1920 by 1080-pixel full HD resolution
• Integrated ATSC/NTSC/ClearQAM tuner
• 8 ms response time
• 5000:1 contrast ratio
• 1080Pure output on all HD connectors, including component and VGA
• Video / S-Video input
• S/PDIF audio output
• 176° viewing angle
• 2 ten-Watt down-firing speakers

The model is likely to come with a price tag of around $1,100.

The PT-16H610S, a 16 inch portable flip style model is best suited to be mounted in a place other than the living room, like the kitchen, study room, den etc. It features-

• Full 1080p HD resolution
• Accepts HDMI input
• ATSC/NTSC/ClearQAM tuner
• 180° image rotation so the display is always right-side-up
• 500:1 contrast ratio
• 90° horizontal/65° vertical viewing angle
• 8 ms response time