Westinghouse to display LD-4655 LED TV at CES 2011

At CES 2011, you can always find booths a plenty full of television sets. The last time I saw Westinghouse at CES, they didn’t have a booth. They actually set a car to pick me up and showed off their HDTVs and other products in some other place.

I’m not certain what they are offering this year, but here is the 46-inch LD-4655. It is a 1080p LCD that is about 2 inches thick and has a high-gloss, black bezel, and weighs in at about 38 pounds. Other features are a 120Hz refresh rate, 6.5 millisecond response time, and LED backlighting.

Sure, you will probably find other TV sets of higher quality, even from Westinghouse. What makes this cool is that the cost is low, with a suggested retail price of just $899.

The LD-4655 should be out in stores later this month. I’m sure we’ll see what else Westinghouse has to offer until then at CES 2011.