Westinghouse SK-26H735S Television Review-Bargain Priced Wonder

This week we’re going to do something a little special. In fact, we’re going to break a few rules, and do something wildly different from the norm. With Black Friday just four days away, we’re going to do something interesting, and we’re going to talk cheap television. Our first target is the Westinghouse SK-26H735S.

The Westinghouse SK-26H735S is a twenty six inch 720p LCD television with a 150 degree viewing angle, DayBright technology to reduce the effects of glare, Energy Star compliance, two HDMI ports, two component inputs, two composite inputs, one PC input, two five watt speakers, a headphone jack, and an ATI Xilleon 241 image processor.

Now, I said that we were going to break some rules here and I meant it. Under normal circumstances I won’t touch anything below a thirty two inch television as I don’t personally believe anything below that can make a worthwhile hub to a proper home theater system. But this week we’re focusing on cost to get your Black Friday appetite whetted.

That having been said, this is still a pretty good system. Yes, the sound is lower end–five watt speakers with no augmentation will do that–but it’s still at least fair. And the picture is lower end too, being 720p and all. But neither sound nor picture is bad, and both have at least decent quality. And there’s just as much love here for older components as for new, another plus especially for those who are just getting started with LCD televisions.

Plus, the price is a big help–you can find this for under two hundred dollars in several places, including geeks.com.

You may be able to get a lot better television out there, but you won’t easily find decent quality at an incredible price like you’ll get from the Westinghouse SK-26H735S.