Westinghouse Releases New LED HDTVs

Westinghouse has announced the release of new and affordable LED HDTVs which are super-thin and power efficient. All the new Westinghouse LED HDTV sets sport 1” thick edges, a 1.5” thick at the glass and a sleek high gloss black frame with red accents.

The only downside is perhaps that these new LED HDTVs are not 3D ready. They don’t provide support for HDMI 1.4a but at cheap prices, this should not be surprising. The new Westinghouse LED HDTV models are as follows:

  • LD-245 ($299)
  • LD-265 ($329)
  • LD-325
  • LD-425 ($799)
  • LD-55F970Z
  • LD-46F970Z