Westinghouse Launches 3 New LCD HDTVs

Westinghouse has not been known to be a familiar brand in the world of LCD HDTV manufacturing but during the last CES, Westinghouse unveiled three brands that can be considered ideal solutions for tailgaters.

And at the rate that people are looking for alternative HDTVs for personal entertainment solutions that can provide better value for their money, Westinghouse may be carving out a new niche in the HDTV market.

Westinghouse has announced three new LCD HDTVs under its brand, namely:

• 19-inch PT-19H340S,
• 22-inch PT-22H340S
• 22-inch 1080p PT-22F380S.

Each display includes support for 720p (1,366×768) resolution, a 16:9 aspect ratio and a purported 5ms pixel response time. They also include connections and support for ATSC/NTSC/CATV/ClearQAM tuner, which allow for over the air and direct cable transmissions. The displays also have support for 1080i, 480p and 480i formats. Connections options include HDMI, VGA, component, and composite.

(Source) CNet News