Westinghouse DPF-1411: Digital Photo Frame

Westinghouse has some good-quality and average-priced products like the L1916HW LCD monitor, or the PT-16H610S LCD HDTV, but their latest device is a Digital Photo Frame entitled DPF-1411.

Unlike other products of the same type, this frame has a big screen at 14.1-inches and is able to provide a resolution 1280×800 pixels, with a 16:10 aspect ratio. The internal memory can only store 128MB of data, but since it supports many different types of memory cards that shouldn’t be a problem. The DPF-1411 can display images in the JPEG and AVI (motion) format, and there are a couple of settings to make your frame unique, like picking specific images to be on the screen, a manual/automatic slideshow, and a few transition effects.

The Westinghouse DPF-1411 has a price tag of $300, but sadly it doesn’t come with Wi-Fi