Westinghouse 42F810G Television Review-Im Amazed

You know, I didn’t think that Westinghouse actually made televisions any more.  Frankly, I didn’t think Westinghouse made ANYTHING any more.  But one thing is abundantly clear–they do.  And you’ll be glad they did.

Today we’re talking about the Westinghouse 42F810G, a forty two inch 1080p LCD with two component inputs, two composite inputs, a PC input, three HDMI inputs, and an optical digital audio output.

I was definitely surprised to get my hands on this one, and I was even more surprised when I discovered that this was a really high quality setup.  The picture was great, the sound equally so, and the only possible low point I could spot on this one was that the controls were sort of oddly set up.  They’re rear-mounted, making them a little strangely placed.  But it’s really a very small quibble on an overall solid system.

The Westinghouse 42F810G is a surprisingly high quality system that surpasses pretty much all of the expectations I had for this one.