WeSii Pico Projector Announced for Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii is currently one of the most popular home video game consoles on the market and has been applauded for introducing motion controlled gaming to the masses. However, what happens when you’re on the go and want to get some Wii gaming on without busting out a television? You bust out the WeSii projector, pictured above.

This pico projector features a 640 x 480 resolution, 10 ANSI lumens and LCoS display technology to make for a great mobile experience. Even better, when you hook your Wii up to the WeSii projector you won’t need to use the included IR sensing bar due to the fact that the projector has an IR curtain making for easy motion tracking. Of course, seeing how it’s just a projector you can also hook up your iPod, Xbox, PS3, DVD player, etc. to the WeSii projector.

Sounds pretty damn good to me but unfortunately there is no word on pricing or availability. We’ll keep you posted.

via aboutprojectors