Welcome to the age of 200 inch glasses-free 3D display

We have been reporting on a lot of big screens lately, like the 10-meter “reality touchscreen” and the Barco NX4 3D Video Wall.

Now, there is NICT’s 200-inch glasses-free 3D display, I suppose that the bigger the screen, the better the 3D effect.

According to my Source, NICT is working on three things that are plaguing 3D like “stripe noise, reduction in 3D resolution and unnatural images due to the observer’s movement”.

Here’s what else my Source had to say:

Using LED light sources, special diffuser film and a condenser lens, NICT was able to enhance brightness and color uniformity between projector units, thereby reducing the stripe noise and resolution degradation.

Well, once again, we are reporting on a screen that I just really want to have in my home.