Watch Netflix Streaming Video Without Internet Access

All right, folks…a little chicanery for you today.

I want you all to know, especially any lawyers out there, that I did NOT invent this process nor do I condone or appear to condone any activity that may even vaguely be construed as illegal, immoral or unethical in perpetuity throughout the universe.

There.  That oughta shut the lawyers up.  Anyway, I found out over on Lifehacker that there’s a way to download streaming video on Netflix.

Dubbed the Netflix Download Links Greasemonkey, which is downloadable online, it allows you to bypass the various DRMs and such that prevent you from watching Netflix streaming content on anything but Windows Media Player, or prevent you from watching Netflix streaming content when you’re not in your house or near a WiFi connection of any decent speed.

In all honesty, we need something like this.  You know how many Netflix users out there don’t have sufficient internet bandwidth to USE a service that Netflix offers freely with subscription?  Plenty, that’s how many.

If you could go somewhere with WiFi and download video off Netflix to watch later, that would be a fantastic service for people with lesser bandwidth.  But, once again, that might fuel PIRACY, and we can’t have that, so for now people will be unable to use a service they pay for just to prevent other people from making a quick buck.

Thanks a LOT, Netflix.