Warners Video On Demand Service Launches in Europe

One thing’s become interestingly clear over the last year–a lot more people are downloading movies, or otherwise getting them on demand, than they are buying DVDs.  Of course, RENTING DVDs is still a huge business, but video on demand is growing, and Warner Brothers is out to take advantage of that distribution channel.

To that end, they’ve launched a huge new video on demand service in Europe that partners with Virgin and Deutsche Telekom to release films to video on demand at the same time they’re released to DVD.  In fact, Warner releases titles on video on demand in South Korea fully TWO WEEKS before they can buy them on DVD, and they’ve seen a record year in sales over there.

Folks, it’s rapidly becoming the wave of the future–you’ll be getting your movies by direct download or similar service before too much time has passed.  DVD’s are still ubiquitous, make no mistake–but eventually, even they’ll run out of juice.