Warner Germany, Spoon & Mute to Release Can on SACD & DVD-A [HFR]

Officials at Spoon Records have confirmed reports that they are working with Warner Music Germany and Mute Records to release albums by the group Can on Super Audio CD and DVD Audio in the European market. Can is an avante garde rock group from Germany that was well known during the 1970’s for their electronic music which featured synthesizers and a number of nontraditional elements.

The SACD releases by Can follow Mute Records recent fore into the Super Audio CD format with a 2-SACD Surround Sound SACD set by rock group Depeche Mode entitled 101 (Mute Records LCDSTUMM101).

5 Super Audio CDs by Can in September
According to Spoon Records, the initial high resolution audio releases by Can will involve Stereo Super Audio CDs of four of the group’s well known albums: Soundtracks, Monster Movie, Ege Bamyasi and Tago and Mago. In addition, a 5.1 Surround Sound compilation of the group’s music will also be made available on Super Audio CD. All 5 of these discs are slated to be released in Europe this September.

Additional Releases on SACD and DVD-A in 2005
Following the initial release of the 5 SACDs, the balance of the band’s albums will appear as Stereo SACDs early in 2005. The coming year will also see the group’s catalog appear on DVD-Audio discs.

More Details Forthcoming
A check of music web sites in Europe revealed that one music web site (www.cmm-online.de) is already listing the Can SACDs among the albums to be released later in 2004. We’re told that more details of the upcoming release of the Can Super Audio CDs will be available shortly on the Spoon Records web site.