Want Glasses-free 3D TVs? Wait another ten years, says big TV companies.

It’s pretty easy to see why 3DTV isn’t really taking off as well as big TV companies want it to. I mean, HDTV was something that everyone could get into because everyone in the room could see it. With 3D TV, it is about the people who wear the glasses, and not everyone likes them.

The only solution would be glasses-free 3D, but that is going to take a way long time to perfect it. I’ve seen some samples at CES like from Toshiba, and this 3D can’t be viewed at all angles.

Samsung is wanting to make a glasses free 3D TV that is viewable at 32 angles, but they say it would take five years to produce such a device. Then it would take another five years before it would be affordable to the average consumer.

Okay, that is ten years before you will get a decent glasses-free 3D TV. In case you are wondering, LG is saying essentially the same thing.