Want A Vizio Soundbar? How Does Free Sound?

Too good to be true, right?  Well, not really.  Vizio’s actually giving one away, but you’ve got to win a contest to get in on this one.

You’re going to have to dust off your essay skills and crack off a five hundred word piece on why you’re tired of loud commercials.

We all know the type, right?  Where we’re watching a nice quiet movie or a nature program or something and it’s kind of lulling and we’re just getting into it and then all of a sudden the picture briefly goes black, as though the gentle lull had reached its apotheosis and then it’s TIME FOR BIG LOU LEMON’S USED CARS!  COME ON DOWN! WE GOT BIG CARS! BAD CARS!  BIG AND BAD CARS! FREE HOT DOGS FOR THE KIDS!  IF I CAN’T MAKE YOU A DEAL I WILL KILL THIS PUPPY LIVE ON TELEVISION SO GET DOWN TO BIG LOU LEMON’S USED CARS!

Yeah. Like THAT.  Anyway, the Vizio soundbar puts a muzzle on Big Lou once and for all by using “psycho-acoustic programming” to regulate broadcasts to one clear and universal constant.  Big Lou’s screaming will be automatically reduced to the same level as your nature show.  And that’s a really awesome idea.

Oh, just follow this link to enter the contest.