Walmarts Generic Electronic Helper Force Installs Your Home Theater

I would like to remind you all that this is NOT in any way affiliated with the Best Buy Geek Squad.  Even though it’s basically the exact same concept, only as far as I can tell, the Walmart home theater crew doesn’t dress in button down shirts and ties and drive Beetles around.

Anyway, Walmart’s tacked on a special extra service for its customer base–you can have your gear installed.  Everything from TVs and home theater setups to computers, for just an extra charge between a hundred and three hundred forty bucks.  This also includes pre-purchase consultation (just in case you don’t want to just ask the guy at the counter free of charge just what the difference is between this one and that one) and a tutorial on how to use the stuff you just bought once it’s been installed.

So just in case you’re getting started with home theater and want to take advantage of Walmart’s prices, you should be able to find a helping hand here.