Walmart Takes Second Stab at Black Friday Frenzy

I know, I know!  You’re all probably aghast at that idea.  What, another Black Friday?  That last one was black enough, thanks, and I have NO turkey to fortify me in advance!  That’s all GONE, man!

Well, cheer up, gentle reader because we’ve got some awesome news here.  We’ve got a seventy eight dollar Magnavox blu-ray player now available, and it’s not alone.  It’s backed up by a host of electronics deals, including a thirty two inch Vizio 1080p LCD high-definition television at just under four hundred bucks, and a Sony forty six inch 1080p HDTV with PlayStation 3 game console for around nine hundred fifty.

It’s no secret that the stores are sorely disappointed with Black Friday performance.  it’s down from the horror that was last year and they even revised their estimates downward to match.  So for Walmart to engage in a little “shark tooth marketing”–or marketing by ebb and flow–is really not even much of a surprise.

Get the deals while you can get them, folks–they won’t be around forever!