Walmart Plans Drive Through Order Pickup

In a bid to take back some of its lost revenue from Amazon and similar outlets, Walmart is now looking to offer a drive through order pickup service for items ordered online and then shipped to store.

If you haven’t shopped Walmart online recently–and I have–this requires a note of explanation.  See, Walmart offers online shopping, which is pretty much par for the course for every major store these days.  But Walmart has one critical difference in that they’ll ship whatever you order free of charge…if you have it shipped to your local Walmart instead of to your home.  it’s called “ship to store”, and it’s only slightly less convenient than home delivery and costs significantly less.

So now, if you order some books or DVDs or CDs online, and ship them to Walmart, you won’t have to go in the store–you can just pull up to a drive through window and get your stuff.

Not exactly in keeping with their increasingly “green” philosophy, but not without some merit, either.  Convenience keeps people shopping these days, and that’s something Walmart desperately needs to do.