Wall to Wall Luxury

If you’re lucky enough to have a separate room dedicated to your home theater set-up, you might want to consider installing specialty home theater carpeting the fits in with your decor. Lots of different patterns and styles are available, from bright, contemporary movie prints that add a touch of fun to the room, to classic designs reminiscent of the old Palace theaters that used to grace every midwestern downtown. Custom carpeting is designed especially for home theater rooms to be easy to clean, antistatic, non-flammable, and color-sealed to protect against spills.

The right carpeting, generously and correctly used, can also have a beneficial acoustical effect.  Stargatecinema.com carries and wide selection of specialized home theater carpeting in 100% nylon washable pile. Themes run the gamut from fun to classic to Art Deco, and prices start at just under $200. For more information on home theater carpeting and other home theater decor items and accessories, visit www.stargatecinema.com.