Wall-Mounted Speaker for Your Wall-Mounted TV, the Jamo A 804

What’s next after getting that extra large HDTV? Well you mount it on the wall, get the remote and start watching your favorite movies. That’s when you realize you want better sound to go with that don’t you? Well for those of you that want to have some wall-mounted speakers for your wall-mounted TV, there’s always the Jamo A 804 speakers set. The two speakers once mounted on your walls can act as any part of a surround sound setup.

Did you get that better sound feeling yet? The A 804 will get you leather and black aluminum, steel and high density polymer on the outside while the inside will get Jamo’s WaveGuide technology, a 4.5 inch midrange and two 4.5 inch woofers. The pair costs $449 and it will be available sometime in January.

via press