Walk on the keyboard?


What would you like to do? Keep glued to your seat and stuck to your pc or would like to walk, dance and jump for typing on your PC? Even jumping over the keyboard will really be a brilliant idea as I have seen many putting on extra fat by sitting in front of their computers for the whole day. So, now here it is a giant fabric keyboard on which you can press keys by walking over.. Thanks to Maurin Donneaud who worked on this revolutionary idea!

This giant fabric keyboard has buttons in it like those of WiFi detecting backpack strap, but on a larger scale. An Arduino is used to translate each step into a button press. So friends, you will no more have to go to gym or will have to manage extra time for doing joggings and aerobics. Just jump over the keys of the keyboard, your body will be fit and so will you also finish your respective tasks in your PC! It is just a concept. Do you want it to be a reality?

Via: Hackaday