Vuzix AR Accessory Kit

Vuzix is coming out with a “game-changing Augmented Reality Accessory Kit” for its VR920 Virtual Reality Video iWear. It is reported to open up new applications in the gaming, education and business sectors, Vuzix says possibilities range from “books that come alive” to interactive worlds with 3D characters right in your lounge. Developed with metaio, the Vuzix AR Accessory Kit consists of the “CamAR”, a clip-on USB camera that mounts onto a pair of Vuzix Video iWear.

The CamAR evidently lets the user “see” the “real world” and is also “designed to accurately track objects and the user’s position in 3-dimensional space”. Then there is the PhasAR, a “wireless augmented reality input controller” designed to be used simultaneously with the CamAR. The PhasAR is said to let users to “interact with virtual, mixed and augmented reality worlds with a revolutionary 6 degree of freedom tracking system that lets the computer know exactly where the user is touching in the virtual and real worlds”. There is no news on a release date.