VUDU Wireless Set Top Box


VUDU Inc. recently launched VUDU wireless kit enabling you to use VUDU set top box anywhere in the home eliminating need of cables. Generate a wireless network for your VUDU set top box with the help of plug-and-play VUDU wireless kit.

"Following the rapid success and strong following we’ve already achieved for the VUDU box, we’re now taking the next step to offer even greater convenience to video fans," said Patrick Cosson, VP of Marketing for VUDU. "Our customers have been asking for a wireless solution, and we’ve responded with a hassle-free and secure solution that does not require complicated configuration. VUDU users can now enjoy the ultimate viewing experience in any room in the house, no matter where their broadband connection enters their home."

You can easily get rid of physical cables and complex wireless configurations with the help of VUDU wireless kit. Plug the base station in to broadband router and the receiver into VUDU box and what you get is 802.11g wifi network. You can enjoy watching movies without any computer or cables or satellite services.

Get home VUDU wireless kit for $79 and w wireless bundle consisting of VUDU box and kit for $349. You can also visit

Via: Press