Vudu On-Demand Movie Player


Vudu HD Player

VUDU, Inc. is a leading provider of digital technologies and services that deliver entertainment over the Internet to consumers’ HDTVs and Home Theaters. VUDU announced recently that it has lowered the price of its on-demand Internet movie player to just $149. The player is available at Best Buy, audio video retailers, and online. VUDU HD is currently the only solution on the market that delivers weekly new releases from all the major studios.

It also has the largest HD library, the highest quality HD picture quality with HDX, local movie storage and the ability to access popular Internet content directly on the TV. Other video services (such as Netflix) do have large streaming video movie libraries, and some Blu-Ray DVD players do already come programed for the Netflix streaming movie service. VUDU however is the only distributor to specifically focus on HD. UDU is hoping that by cutting the price the device and its services will become more mainstream and demand will increase along with exposure.