Vudu In Sellout Talks; Whos The Buyer?

Now here’s a strange bit to jump up and bite us, folks–seems that the streaming video company Vudu is in sellout talks, having had “meaningful acquisitions talks” with an as yet unnamed buyer.

But the rumor is making the rounds that the company looking to pick up Vudu is none other than Walmart.

Walmart’s been trying, and failing, for the last four years to get a toehold in the video rental market.  Considering their stores are the major venue for Redbox kiosks, it’s got to be especially galling for them to play host to someone else who’s actively fulfilling their ambitions.  This is probably why you heard they were on the list of companies possibly out to buy Netflix.

So it’s not so outlandish that Walmart would try to get in on the upcoming streaming wars, what may well be the final format war, when they’ve been longing to get a piece of this action for over four years now.

Is Walmart looking to buy Vudu?  No one knows just yet, but the likelihood is pretty fair.